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No we do not have gardening courses at this time but we are setting up an event calendar on this site so we can provide local information across the USA

I live in Malaysia so it is the tropics here but I am from Colorado so I understand both desert, mountains, and cold climates.

Most of the products on this site are from Nature Hills Nursery, our affiliate partner site. Take a look at the links below of their products.

Kaymartco tries to source all products in the USA with an eye toward eco friendly and sustainable products.


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Learn more about what flowers we have available and how you can best care for your own garden.
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volunteer gardening opportunities

How To Find Gardening Volunteer Opportunities Near Me

“Garden volunteer opportunities near me” is what people often search when they want to get their hands into soil but do not have their own garden space. There are a multitude of places to find garden volunteer opportunities with many of them found online. Search for city botanic gardens, community gardens, flea market gardens, or even in online ad space likes Craigslist.org.
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